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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Why RSS? What is the fuss all about?

RSS is getting a great deal of attention in the tech press. What is all the fuss about? Should RSS be part of your Internet toolkit? I will be providing some information on RSS in a discussion format here on Tech Talk.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

Note: None of these following references are required reading or even recommended reading. They are just to give a bit of flavor for the kind of press RSS is getting.

1) The major companies are implementing RSS.

Microsoft is building RSS into the latest version of Windows now called Vista.

If you personalize your Google home page, you can add RSS Feeds.

If you use My Yahoo, you can add RSS Feeds.

2) RSS is enjoying some great tech hype. One example: "RSS is probably the most powerful marketing tool emerging in internet publishing today."

3) RSS tools are multiplying.
RSS tools are now available for Dreamweaver (RSS Dreamfeeder) http://tinyurl.com/aun6y

Tina sent us the article "Creating an RSS Feed for Your FrontPage Web Site."

4) Steve Gillmor, who has one of the most popular technical podcasts - the Gilmor Gang, pronounces we are now in the Syndisphere. "Not the Blogosphere so much as the Syndisphere."

I subscribe to almost 100 RSS Feeds, including feeds created by people who are on this Yahoo list - and some of you do NOT make it easy to subscribe. (smile). I generate 14 RSS feeds. This post is also on an RSS feed.

Let's discuss what the fuss is all about. Discussion will be about RSS and how RSS can be used. Questions and comments are welcome. Let me know if you have specific questions to be answered.

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