Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Using RSS to bring visitors to your website or blog - using FeedBurner

Topic: Using RSS to bring visitors to your website or blog.

Today: Using FeedBurner http://www.feedburner.com

Feedburner is a free service for Feed Publishers. They provide a one-stop fill-in-the-blanks service for working with your feeds.

Disclaimer: I have no interest in FeedBurner. I do use the service. It is free.

1) FeedBurner solves the problem of all the various versions of RSS and ATOM by providing a Feed that works on all Feed Readers.

2) FeedBurner provides a feed that browsers can read by using XSL.
See http://feeds.feedburner.com/BloggingInformation for an example.
Right click and view source to see what the actual file code looks like.

3) FeedBurner provides capability for podcasts, mobile readers, splices with Photo Services, and Google adsense.

4) FeedBurner solves the problem of providing all the information on how to subscribe to feeds. It is all contained in the feed file itself. Just provide a link to the feed. The feed contains all the other information.

5) FeedBurner provides stats on feed use.

6) FeedBurner provides a service to "Use RSS feeds for content on your Website".
See http://www.wizard-creek.com/wizard-creek-blog.htm for an example.
You have CSS Control over the way the Feed looks on your website.

7) FeedBurner provides various promotional buttons to use for your Feed.
See http://www.wizard-creek.com/blogs.htm for example.

8) FeedBurner is used by professional sites. FeedBurner manages over 100,000 feeds.

This is my only caution. Proceed with care. Make sure you name things carefully, because after you get subscribers, it is difficult to change. Pay attention to what you learned in SEO class to name your feed.

Feedburner is certainly worth investigating. It can save time and improve your feed product.

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