Saturday, September 17, 2005

Use RSS to put content on your website or blog - introduction

You can use RSS to put content on your website or blog. Usually this means putting headlines or a short paragraph of information on your website or blog with a link back to the original post or article.

If for example, you used an RSS Feed for Google news, it could look something like this. Each of the entries would be a link back to the news article.
Google News
» Bonds OK with career winding down - MSNBC
» Annan Urges World Leaders to Fight Terror - Washington Post
» Car Bombing at Iraq Market Leaves 30 Dead - Guardian Unlimited

Some reasons to use RSS to create content.

- If you have two related blogs, you can provide links back and forth to the recent posts.
- You can provide a sidebar of news or sports.
- You can generate a quick webpage.
- You can provide links to your blog from your website.
- Because it is fun? Interesting? Because you can?

Some issues about doing using RSS to create content.
- You have to be aware of copyright issues when using other's content. Many RSS publishers want you to use their RSS Feeds because it generates traffic back to their site, but each case is different.
- Putting RSS Feeds on your website or blog is not for the faint hearted. There are some services that are making it much easier, but it involves adding scripts to your website or blog. That script can be JavaScript, PHP, ASP, or others. All the usual script issues apply. Your site visitors can have scripts turned off. Your server might not support the script you would like to use.
- The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues will not be discussed in this group.

To learn more:
Article: "How You Can Instantly Tap Into an Unlimited Source of Content, for Free!" This article is overly dramatic, but a good overview.

Some Examples of using RSS feeds on a website or blog. These are all from my website or blogs. They were created in large part just to be examples. - part of a webpage from RSS feed. Find the box that says "The Feed Reader". - full webpage is generated from RSS feed. - another full webpage is generated from an RSS Feed. - a blog sidebar for Google News is generated from an RSS Feed.

This is a two part topic.
- This post introduces the concept and give some examples.
- The next post will be list of resources of scripts or services if you want to include RSS feeds on your website or blog.

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