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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


RSS Review


RSS has 3 benefits for the website owner
1) Use RSS Feeds to keep yourself informed
2) Use RSS Feeds to find content for your website
3) Use RSS Feeds to bring visitors to your website

We are working on step one.
- We have discussed RSS Feed Readers
- I have recommended that you start to use an RSS Feed Reader to learn about RSS and Feeds.
- If you have an RSS Feed reader that you are now using, you have the opportunity to find RSS feeds, subscribe to them, and have your own personalized news service.

Lets review how RSS Feeds work:

1) A website or a blog creates a Feed. Many Blog services can create RSS Feeds by just selecting an option. Other sites can also create feeds.

2) The Feed is an XML file that lives on an Internet server. There are now hundreds of thousands of RSS Feeds sitting on Internet servers waiting patiently for an RSS Reader to subscribe to them.

3) The RSS Feed Reader website reads the XML file and displays it. There is software that can make any website an RSS Reader.

See http://www.wizard-creek.com/blog-feed-reader.htm for an example of all three steps.

Finding and Subscribing to RSS Feeds.
Using RSS to add content to your website or blog.
Using RSS to bring visitors to your website or blog

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