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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


RSS in the News

This is a bonus post on some recent RSS developments.

The large Microsoft PDC (Professional Developers Conference) is in Los Angeles all this week. Any attendee of the conference can blog about their conference experience. There are 647 people at the conference writing blogs about it. All of them have RSS Feeds.

There has been lots of RSS news at the conference, including in Bill Gates keynote address.

- Vista (The new version of Windows)will have RSS built in.
- Office will have RSS capability
- Outlook will be able to read RSS Feeds
- Internet Explorer 7 will have RSS aggregating capability
- SharePoint will have RSS Capability built in

I listened to one interview where Bill Gates talked about RSS as the way Microsoft will be connecting applications together

One reference for those interested:

"Microsoft gives RSS a big bear hug" http://elfURL.com/24a
"RSS is now a pillar of Microsoft's strategy to make loosely coupled client/server the preferred architecture to Web-based thin client computing."

What does that all mean? RSS is rapidly moving from new technology to a pervasive technology.

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