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Friday, September 09, 2005


RSS. How can it help? How can this tool be used effectively.

We all know that RSS is one of the hot new technologies. But what is it
good for?

It is customary to start with what RSS is, but I am going to talk about 3
benefits of RSS to anyone who has a website.

RSS can help us do three things.

1) RSS can help find updated information on the internet that can help us
stay current in our areas of expertise.

RSS comes close to fulfilling the promise of a custom newspaper or magazine
that is delivered to our desktop as it happens.

My RSS reader delivers to my desktop a custom mix of articles on news,
sports, technology, computer security, call centers, cellular technology,
gourmet coffee, personal growth, website development, information
technology... and of course RSS. I continually refine this daily flow of
information, dropping those that get stale, picking up new ones like I did
for additional Katrina news.

The news blogs are updated hourly, but most of the blogs are updated weekly,
so it is very manageable set of information. It is delivered in headline
form, and I can choose whether to read the entire article. RSS reduces my
surfing time; gives me more reading time.

2) RSS can help provide content for websites and blogs.

RSS feeds can be used to provide content for websites and blogs. Tools are
available that can capture RSS feeds and put the information on a website or
blog. Most of them are point and click kinds of tools that require no

3) RSS can bring additional traffic to a website or blog.

RSS is getting more and more popular. Those of us who are using RSS readers
to get information, want to subscribe to information that we can read as RSS
feeds. I do not want to go check to see if a blog or website has been
updated. I want updated blogs and websites to show up on my desktop. The
RSS Feeds will point back to the blogs or websites for the complete article,
and will bring additional traffic to the blog or website.

RSS can provide these 3 benefits: (1) help keep us current, (2) provide
content for our websites and blogs, and (3 ) bring traffic to our websites
and blogs.
The next post will describe what RSS is.

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