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Thursday, September 15, 2005


RSS Directories

Subject: RSS / Feed Directories

In a previous post, we discussed search engines for Feeds. This post is about blog directories and RSS/Feed directories.

There are directories for blogs, directories for feeds, and directories for both blogs and feeds combined. I created a webpage of directories for blogs and directories for feeds, but there is overlap in the two categories. Following is the link for the directories: Blog and RSS/Feed Directories

One can find RSS/Feeds using search engines, directories, or by finding feeds as you surf the web.


This completes the first and longest step of this discussion which was "Using RSS to stay informed".

The next two sections will be
- Using RSS to add content to your website.
- Using RSS to bring visitors to your website.

It is time now to raise any questions or issues about the first part of this discussion.
- If you are having trouble finding an RSS Feed Reader and/or RSS Feeds, it is time to respond with questions.
- If you have discovered an RSS Reader that I have not mentioned, this is a good time to share that information.
- If you have discovered something about RSS that is worth sharing, please do so.
- If RSS is still not making sense, this is the time to ask for clarification.

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