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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


RSS - Conclusion and Summary:

Conclusion and Summary:
This is the last post in the class:


RSS use is growing.
RSS Benefits:
- Use RSS to keep yourself informed.
- Use RSS to create content on your website.
- Use RSS to promote your website or blog.


Some final tidbits and resources:

Register your RSS Feeds in the Feed Directories:

Validate your feed:

Dave Winer was the programmer who developed RSS - his blog about RSS.


RSS Questions are still welcome.
RSS Comments are most welcome. I would appreciate any comments.
- We will consider doing the class again if there is interest.
- Let me know what we can do to improve the class.
- Let me know what worked with the class.
- Let me know whether you want the class again.


Final Recommendation: RSS is a powerful tool and should be considered for every webmaster's tool kit.


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