Sunday, September 11, 2005

Getting Started with RSS... continued

I want to give some time for people to get started reading RSS Feeds, so the
posts will be lighter for a few days.


Here is a good quote by Dave Winer, the programmer who developed RSS:

"When people ask me what RSS is, I say it's automated web surfing. We took
something lots of people do, visiting sites looking for new stuff, and
automated it. It's a very predictable thing, that's what computers do --
automate repetitive things."


The Google Desktop - Sidebar Option - has an RSS Feed Reader built in. It
is called Web Clips. The Web Clips help says - "You can also manually add
RSS/Atom feeds to see updates to your favorite blogs and other websites."

But Web Clips has another optional option that is most interesting. If you
surf a website (using IE or Firefox) that has a feed, the Feed is
automatically added to Web Clips.


Anyone have any questions about getting started with a RSS Feed Reader?

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