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Monday, September 12, 2005


Getting Started with RSS .... Continued (2)

Another lighter post today as I give everyone a chance to find an RSS Reader and get started.


Another RSS quote:

"It is clear that the aggregated news model is rapidly becoming the preferred method of online consumer news consumption,"
said Jim Pitkow, chief executive officer and president of Moreover Technologies.


Orange is the color of RSS and RSS Feeds.

The buttons and icons for RSS, XML and Feeds are usually orange. There are exceptions of course, but orange is the de facto standard.

Google calls the Google Desktop Sidebar RSS Reader Web Clips - but it is orange!

"RSS" or "XML" or "FEED" in an orange button alerts one to a Feed.


Firefox has a special feature for RSS feeds. If you are using Firefox and browsing a website that has an associated feed, an orange! icon shows up on the status bar to the lower right.

To illustrate: (Only in Firefox)

1) Click on my website www.wizard-creek.com - no orange icon on the status bar.
2) Select Blogging Info or go to http://blogging-information.blogspot.com/ - there is now an orange icon on the status bar. It signifies that there is an associated feed for this website.

Click on the icon and you can add a live bookmark that is really an RSS/ATOM Feed Reader. It will create a bookmark for each entry on the Feed.

Technical note: You are not subscribing to the blog, you are subscribing to the feed. The feed is http://blogging-information.blogspot.com/atom.xml. Firefox automatically finds the feed.


Continue to work on finding an RSS reader and getting familiar with RSS Feeds.

Coming attractions:

Finding RSS Feeds
Putting RSS Feeds on your website
Creating RSS Feeds for the world to see.

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