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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Finding Feeds - Search

The major search engines are all in the process of adding Feed Search.


MSN just announced a feed search.
Enter feed:keyword and find feeds for any topic.
Enter hasfeed:keyword to find sites that generate feeds on a topic
See http://elfURL.com/23u


Google just announced their blog/feed search.

Notes about Google Blog Search:
- Google calls in a Blog Search, but it only includes blogs that publish a
site feed (either RSS or Atom), so it is also being called a feed search.
- Even though Google owns Blogger (a blog service), it searches all blogs.
- The Google Blog Search will find blogs that have feeds, but we know there
are some feeds without blogs.
- And of course, it is in Beta.


Yahoo is testing blog search in Korea


Next: Find feeds using feed directories and smaller feed search engines.

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